Pictures from the 2014 Banana Festival,
Fulton, Kentucky / South Fulton, Tennessee
September 20, 2014







President Banana and First Lady A-Peeling rock out to the hot tunes being played on the
White House float, which was surrounded on all sides by dark-suited Secret Service personnel.

The Banana Flag flies proudly over the White House float. In order to get a better picture of the float, your intrepid reporter
and webmaster of 101Bananas made the mistake of stepping off the curb into the street and taking a few steps towards
President Banana. A Secret Service agent instantly identified the threat and immediately drew his... uh... banana....


Jesus loves bananas too. And what the Pecan Festival queen is doing in the Banana Festival parade
is a mystery, other than providing the parade’s traditional display of great legs.




                         I never saw a purple cow either....


Ending the parade is the pudding float, with the Banana Festival queen (below, 2nd from right) and her court.


What everyone’s been waiting for!


The parade route goes north along Broadway St. in South Fulton, Tennessee, and crosses E. State Line St.
into Fulton, Kentucky, at which point Broadway becomes Commercial Ave. After the parade the banana
pudding float circles back and parks in the middle of Commercial Ave. in front of Pontotoc park, a small
city park. The prime seats for enjoying the general atmosphere and your serving of banana pudding are
along the sidewalk and curb of Commercial Ave. where the pudding float parks, and across from Pontotoc
park where the concert will be later. There is an old Hindu saying, roughly translated from the ancient
Sanskrit, that says you have not truly lived, or lived well (translations differ on the exact meaning),
until you have sat on a sidewalk curb in Fulton, Kentucky, consuming some delicious banana pudding as
the sun goes down at the end of the Banana Festival.


A concert in the park Saturday night after the parade ends the Banana Festival. Until next year....