Pictures from the 1981 Banana Festival in
Fulton, Kentucky / South Fulton, Tennessee

The Chamber of Commerce welcomes you
to the Banana Festival.

Banana Festival banner.
Keep on truckin’ Mr. Banana.

Even the fire hydrants
get into the mood.

Free Chiquita and Dole
bananas are handed out
on the street.

The local dairy company that makes the 1-ton
pudding puts the finishing touches on before it’s
hauled out for the parade.

Everybody loves a parade! The Kentucky Dairy Princess rides on
the float with the 1-ton banana pudding, pulled along by a tractor.

Closeup of the float. The signs
on the two sides of the float
list the ingredients of the
pudding: 1,900 cups of
Turner’s Boiled Custard;
29,000 vanilla wafers;
and 3,760 Dole bananas.

The 1-ton banana pudding! It arrives at the park to
appropriate oohs and aahs as lines of festival-goers
begin forming.

Great legs always help sell a product, or make the
wait in line for your serving of pudding
more enjoyable.

The long line inches forward towards nirvana.

A ton of pudding disappears quickly.

The last dregs of the pudding are
doled out as Ol’ Glory waves in the
background, blessing the festivities
with life, liberty, & the love of bananas.

“The remains of the day.”
I believe the rumor that the title
of the famed novel and movie
were inspired by the Banana
Festival is probably an exageration.

Nothing to do with bananas, just a nice shot of the
full moon over the carnival rides at the Festival.
Hand held, no tripod, probably at about 1/4 second.

These last four classic pictures of the proud citizens of Fulton posing with their bananas at the Festival are
smaller versions of the larger ones hanging in honored glory in the Banana Wall of Fame section of 101 Bananas.