And now for something completely different....

Edward Ruscha is one of those "concept" artists (whatever that means) that you either get it or you don't get it. If you don't get it, don't worry; most people don't, and it has no reflection at all on your intelligence or whether you appreciate "Art" with a capital A or not. Given Ruscha's style, I didn't think it necessary to post very large images since there is not a whole lot of detail to be examined in his work. These small samples will do just fine for judging whether you get it or not.

Pontiac Catalinas by Edward Ruscha
He Walks into a Meeting Hall Full of
Workers and Yells Out, "O.K. What Is
It You Guys Want, Pontiac Catalinas?"

Edward Ruscha, 1976. Pastel on paper.


I Plead Insanity by Edward Ruscha
I Plead Insanity Because I'm Just
Crazy About That Little Girl

Edward Ruscha, 1976. Pastel on paper.


Guacamole Airlines by Edward Ruscha
Guacamole Airlines
Edward Ruscha, 1976. Spinach on paper.


Double Parked by Edward Ruscha
Those of Us Who Have Double Parked
Edward Ruscha, 1976. Pastel on paper.


Styrene by Edward Ruscha
They Called Her Styrene
Edward Ruscha, 1977. Pastel on paper.